Discipleship Matters Bulletin Inserts

Introducing ‘Discipleship Matters’ bulletin inserts

American Baptists asked, and American Baptist Home Mission Societies (ABHMS) answered!

In response to requests for bulletin inserts aligned with American Baptist values, ABHMS has created the “Discipleship Matters” fee-free monthly inserts for inclusion in church bulletins.

Covering a variety of subjects—including children, education, discipleship and family life—these practical, downloadable inserts are produced with black-and-white typeface and limited graphics for cost-effective, efficient and ecologically friendly printing and copying.

Based on a theme—such as nature’s seasons or highlights from the church calendar—each insert features brief, easily digestible articles, related scripture and other famous quotables. Subjects range from suggestions for parents and other caregivers to tips on Christian education and discipleship formation, all presented in an interculturally sensitive manner. References to ABHMS and Judson Press resources enhance further exploration on particular topics.

Now it’s easy to let your congregation benefit from informational yet uplifting monthly material presented through an American Baptist lens! Watch for the debut in January 2018.

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