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The first parsonage (1705) of the First Baptist Church of Groton, CT, now the Old Mystic Baptist Church, from a postcard
North Stonington Baptist Church, from an early 20th century lantern slide photo.
As American Baptists in Connecticut, we have a rich and diverse history from 1705 to the present. Your ABCCONN Historical Committee would love to have local church histories for 100% of our churches. Sadly, we don’t. If your church doesn’t have a Historical Committee or Team, please consider starting one using our Starter Kit which is downloadable from our website.

We are also looking for old postcards, photos, and drawings of Baptist Churches in CT. Would you be willing to share an extra copy or a scanned image with us?

Contact us by calling the ABCCONN office at 1-(888)-521-5421 or writing to ABCCONN Historical Committee 90a N. Main St., West Hartford, CT 06107