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Did you know that a monument on the property of 807 Paddock Avenue in Meriden marks the location of the second Baptist church in Wallingford? Formed in 1786, the church had members from Wallingford, Meriden, and other communities. The land was in the North Farms section of Wallingford and was known as the First Baptist Church of Wallingford. Members met in private dwellings and a schoolhouse until a residence was remodeled into a meeting house called the “Temple” in 1801. A twist of fate moved the church out of Wallingford in 1806 when Meriden became a city. The boundary line between Meriden and Wallingford was established south of the “Temple” placing the church building in Meriden. The church was renamed the First Baptist Church of Meriden. The church was eventually moved to very near where the present church in Meriden is today. The monument was put up during the 100th Anniversary of the First Baptist Church of Meriden in 1906.

Perhaps there are other such monuments around Connecticut marking the site of present or former congregations. The ABCCONN Historical Committee is constantly looking for such information. If you know of such sites we would be happy to hear from you.

Submitted by Billie Smith, Member

ABCCONN Historical Committee and First Baptist Church, Wallingford.