Solar Saves Lives Fiesta

Solar Saves Lives in Puerto Rico Fiesta

Friday, November 16, 2018 6:30-9:00 PM Immanuel Congregational Church (ICC) 10 Woodland St in Hartford, CT

Yale Youth Ministry Institute

Free lecture, Wednesday, October 3, 2018 from noon to 1:30pm in the Old Refectory at Yale Divinity School


Mission and Stewardship Day 2018 Workshops

I)  Prison Ministry (Presenter – Rev. Joan Cooper Burnett)

"I was in prison and you came to visit me" (Matt. 25:36 NIV)

There are fewer places darker than a prison cell and incarcerated men and women struggle with feelings of despair and hopelessness. As they search for some sense of meaning and purpose for their lives, they wonder if anyone outside the walls of the prison knows or cares about their struggles. A Christian prison ministry must reach inmates in prisons and correctional facilities with the Gospel of Salvation, Hope, Healing, and Restoration. The ministry must develop strategies and programs to:

Share the good news of Jesus Christ with those behind bars and offer the hope of true transformation. Give incarcerated men and women a chance to change and make something worthwhile of their lives post-incarceration. Provide tools/resources to facilitate their transition back into society. II)  Short-term Mission Trips - Making Connections / Staying Connected: An Interactive Panel Discussion (led by Rev. William “Bill” Huegel)

One of the goals of International Ministries/ American Baptist Churches (ABC) as they encourage churches to engage in Short Term Missions is not that short-term missions (STMs) will in any way replace the need for Full Time Missions, but to help local churches become excited about our calling to "Go into all the world make disciples of Jesus"  -  to baptize and to teach what it means to be a follower of Jesus,

STMs are not to "save the world" (although some are used of God to bring others to a saving knowledge of Jesus) but to become connected with Christians and with missionaries in international sites, learning about what goes on there, impacting the lives of people in tangible ways, and to return to their home church with a renewed passion and commitment for the work of Christ in the world.  

The question for this panel is how do we do that?  How does your STM experience help teams to "Become connected and stay connected"?

III)  Liturgical Dancing (Presenter: Shiloh Baptist)

Liturgical dance is a type of dance movement sometimes incorporated into liturgies or worship services as an expression of worship: the dancers will respond with an appropriate dance which flows out of the music and is thought to enhance the prayer or worship experience.

Dance is used to describe one of the most basic ways we express feelings and faith through body movement. Dance is said to be our oldest art form. Every culture throughout history has used dance to express religious faith and to celebrate important events in life -- birth, death, healing, natural phenomena. Sacred dance includes individual forms (private meditation) and liturgical forms (within a communal liturgical framework). Liturgical dance has as its purpose the deepening and focusing of the worship experience; it is not merely ornamental or decorative.

IV)  Evangelism: Evangelized Or Fossilized? (Presenter: Deacon La-Nelle Harris)

“And should I not have concern for the great city of Ninevah, in which there are more than a hundred and twenty thousand people who cannot tell their right hand from their left – and also many animals”. (Jonah 4:11)

While the world is declining rapidly, it is urgent that we make Jesus’ last Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) our top priority! This workshop will examine creative ways in reaching the lost by exploring these four areas:

Hospitality Evangelism

Personal Evangelism/Role Play

Door to Door Evangelism

Evangelism Outreach Celebration

V)  Millennials Rap – Reaching Millennials; Faith In Action (panel moderated by Dr. Nicole Simpson)

Ryan Waller and Ryan Pollock in their book, “Reaching Millennials”, state: “If current reports are to be believed, Millennials are leaving the Church in droves, and aren’t coming back according to the pattern of their parent’s generation”.

Millennials often face difficulty deciding how to put their faith into action. Peer pressure can make it difficult to determine how to handle issues such as premarital sex, drugs, gangs, bullies and integrity. This workshop will explain causes for ignoring the church, while outlining a plan for re-evangelizing Millennials and doing the work of ministry to (and especially, with) them.

The Workshop will be presented as a Panel Discussion or Rap, by young Christians telling their stories and offering effective strategies to put "faith in action."

VI)  Ministry to Seniors/Senior Care (Presenter - Patty Morse, et al; Pierce and Connecticut Baptist Homes)

The elderly need to be treated with dignity and respect, while we offer compassionate care and encourage a sense of belonging and connection to the Body of Christ and the people of God.

Volunteering to work with the elderly is a good way to demonstrate this in a practical way. In many cases, strong personal ties develop, and the volunteer becomes an integral part of the person’s support system – interacting with family and caregivers, running errands and providing transportation for shopping and appointments. Senior citizens desire and cherish trusted companions who consistently visit and care about them.

As you plan your senior ministry, keep in mind that each senior adult is an individual. What may interest one person may not interest another. One ministry idea won't meet all needs, so be flexible and innovative as you plan your programs and activities.

VII)  Using Technology In Your Church: Leveraging For Effective Ministry (Presenter: Rev. Kevin Butler)

Understanding the digital world of the 21st century and using social media is key to connecting people to the life of the Jesus Movement. Today's technology has the power to bring people together in ways like never before. It can also enhance and facilitate communication, community and discipleship. Learn some tips, tools and best practices.

This Workshop gives an overview of the social media landscape and provides valuable insights into effectively and efficiently managing a digital presence.

Mission and Stewardship Day, 2018

Mission and Stewardship Day Saturday, September 29, 2018 Central Baptist Church, Norwich


Board of Managers Retreat

Save the date! Board of Managers Retreat - Saturday, September 22, 2018 9am - 4pm

Lay Ministry Institute 2018

The Lay Ministry Institute is receiving applications for the 2018 session.

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