Talking with Kids About Violence

Violence is everywhere and it seems that in spite of our efforts: prayer, education, and taking a public stand against it, the violence just keeps increasing. Like many of you, I was glued to the TV during the Ferguson disaster. People are killed all the time but this felt so different. I think what kept me watching in horror and keeps me praying was the sight of the teenager's body lying in the street for all those hours for all in the community, across America, and ultimately, the world to see. I don't know if it hit you like it did me, but as I was watching, my mind immediately went to the children in that community; what was going through their minds? How were they feeling? How would they possibly come to know peace and security with things like this happening in front of them?

ABC United Mission

    ABC United Mission ABC United Mission United Mission Brochure - 2015 United Mission Article - Connections United Mission and Giving Category Definitions Definitions and Mission Receipt Instructions Monthly Mission-giving Report Form

Stewardship Resources

ABCUSA Stewardship Resources Page Parish Publishing Stewardship Sunday Resources - bulletin inserts, as well as other resources related to stewardship are available on the ABCUSA website. There are ideas for stewardship moments and for sermons, links to other helpful resources, and snippets related to stewardship for newsletters. Check it out here. Stewardship Materials - New Love New Mercy (Lamentations 3:21-24) is the 2009 Stewardship Resource Material from the Ecumenical Stewardship Center. You can preview this material at or a PDF file can be e-mailed to you (contact the ABCCONN offices - 860-521-5421). It may be ordered directly from Judson Customer Service 1-800-458-3766 (online ordering is not available).


MMBB (The Ministers and Missionaries Benefit Board) offers investment, retirement, and insurance benefits to churches, faith-based institutions and their staff. MMBB retirement plans are all tax-deferred, offer lifetime retirement income and the opportunity to invest in a range of investment options.

Baptist History Coloring Books

Did you know that you can get children's coloring books that depict our Baptist heritage from the American Baptist Historical Society? This might be a great project or gift for VBS. They are available from the American Baptist Historical Society.

Discipleship Partners

Discipleship Partners are available to help your church with issues of discipleship and education. More information.

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