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About the ABCONN Historical Committee

ABCCONN HIstorical Archives
The sign at the entrance to the ABCCONN Archives at the Central Baptist Church of Hartford, Connecticut
Mason P. Andrews II, ABCCONN’s first State Historian, had a dream. He envisioned an ABCCONN research center where scholars, or ordinary people, could go to find easily accessible information about Connecticut’s Baptist heritage. As a result, he started the ABCCONN Historical Committee of volunteers in 1986. He also performed the research which became the foundation for the ABCCONN Archives at 100 Bloomfield Avenue before the collection was moved to the Central Baptist Church of Hartford in 2008. He did this with little, if any, help from the internet, since his work was tragically cut short in 1998 when he died of cancer at the age of 65. Since 2008, the Central Baptist Church has graciously allowed the Committee to gradually expand its facilities to six rooms so that there is much more information about Connecticut Baptists and more space available for researchers by appointment.
Building on what Mason established, we have grown from a single historian to a committee of about ten volunteers charged with maintaining and adding to the collection in the archives. We also write short articles for publication in the ABCCONN newsletter and co-produce with ABCCONN videos highlighting Baptist history in Connecticut. The videos are then presented at the Annual Gathering, where we also honor ABCCONN churches which are celebrating milestone anniversaries. Ongoing projects include compiling a list of the founding dates of all Baptist churches in the state, identifying all past and present Connecticut Baptist ministers, and writing brief biographies of the people for whom the buildings and other permanent structures at Camp Wightman are named. The Committee offers a how-to guide for church historians, found elsewhere on this website, and works with libraries and other archives which also have an interest in preserving American Baptist history.
Mason Andrews
Mason Andrews spoke at Niantic Baptist Church during the church’s 150th Anniversary