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Pre-Annual Meeting Evangelism Workshop by: Rev. Dr. Jeff Johnson

We live in a world today that resembles the world of the early church. Most churches want to go back in time. The problem is they want to go back to what they perceive to be their ‘glory days’. What they need to do is go back to the days when the glory of the Lord was touching countless lives. Back to the time when the first disciples were made, who had the capacity to turn their world upside down as was said of those first century followers of Christ (Acts 17:6).

ABCCONN is proud to announce Rev. Dr. Jeff Johnson, National Director of Faith Initiation (Evangelism) and Discipleship under the auspices of the American Baptist Churches Home Mission Societies, will be sharing with the leaders and laity of ABC Connecticut what the world was like then, what our world is like now, and how we can do what they did to have a similar impact.  Join us for a time of instruction, interaction, and inspiration, as we talk about sharing faith in comfortable and contextual ways, in the 21ST century, with style, YOUR style!

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