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Shut the Back Door! An Excerpt from Rev. Riggs

Nov 2, 2021 | Reflections

Shut the Back Door!

In the Church in which I grew up, it was customary after a passionate sermon on the goodness of God for the pastor to declare “the doors of the Church are open.” I would hear this phrase in my very young ears and think, to myself, “duh, we got in here, didn’t we? Of course, the doors of the Church are open”. However, the physical doors of the Church were not what the pastor was referring to. I was too literal. He was offering an opportunity to join the body of Christ, the ecclesia. Nowadays, I do not hear that kind of declaration much anymore. However, the statement has never been more accurate. The doors of the Church are still open. Maybe a little bit too open? My intent here is not to talk about the invitation made to join a Church. Instead, I want to expose the mystery of how people come up missing from the fellowship after joining the Church. I want to talk about the Backdoor. Read more here.