Apr 12, 2020

    ABCCONN’S 2020 LAY MINISTRY INSTITUTE: In light of global pandemic, the 2020 Lay Ministry Institute has been cancelled.

    We look forward to to resuming in 2021.


    ABCCONN Lay Ministry Institute was born out of our commitment to serving pastor and people. We seek to partner with pastors in the journey of equipping congregations.  ABCCONN’S Lay Ministry Institute, a certificate program, comes alongside pastors and laity in our churches to assist disciples to become stronger in their faith by building a more intentional relationship with God, being equipped to assist in building the kingdom of God, and developing the confidence needed for service. This is done in three cycles: a five-day retreat focusing on Biblical Foundations, a two-day retreat on Spiritual Gifts, and a one full day class on Baptist polity and history.  Also, there is specific training for deacons, and trustees. Registration information can be obtained from the ABCCONN office at 860-521-5421.

  • Conversation Guide to Reopening Your Church Building

    Apr 28, 2020

    American Baptist Churches, USA

    Conversation Guide to Reopening Your Church Building

    As local, state and governmental leaders begin to announce plans for reopening the country, it seems wise for pastors and church leaders to begin holding conversations and making preparations for reopening our places of worship.  It is important to recognize that safety concerns will require our worship and ministry to be conducted differently as we return to a new reality. Gathering guidelines from officials may be implemented in stages and may be different from one county to the next. Advance preparation may be the key to keeping persons safe when we return to our activities. This guide is designed to help you ponder various points of consideration as your church implements new methods, policies and procedures. It specifically focuses on two core areas, the physical and the personal.

    Click here to learn more.

  • Reopening Our Houses of Worship

    Jun 4, 2020

    Please click here to view the latest newsletter re Reopening Our Houses of Worship. 

    Click to see the information about reopening our churches in Connecticut:  

    Please keep the following recommendations in mind: 

    1. One size does not fit all. Each congregation will need to assess when to reopen and do what is best for them within the Federal, State, and CDC guidelines.
    2. Weigh your personal risk before you go back to church. If you are in a high-risk category you may want to sit out the first round of returning congregants.
    3. Churches should have a Re-entry Planning Team. These are people who can help with the thought process and implementation of the protocols that will be put in place.
    4. Just because we will be able to congregate again in our buildings, we would all do well to keep in mind that contractions of the virus are not going down. Therefore, do not be fooled that reopen means the crisis is over, because it is not over until we have a vaccine. 
    5. Taking people’s temperature as a new welcoming ritual may be one of the new protocols put in place. Here is a link for Houses of worship to be able to secure a free infrared thermometer, one per church address. To request a free thermometer for your congregation, click here.
  • A Message on Racial Justice

    Jun 4, 2020

    I am posting the following press release from the ABCUSA Office of the acting General Secretary Rev. Dr. Jeff C. Woods. I appreciate his heartfelt sentiment and his willingness to say something as it pertains to the current unrest that has been building for years and has come to a head with the death of George Floyd. I hope and pray that we will find new ways to love one another by actually pushing past our fears, social safety nets, and acts of social conformity. My hope and prayer are that we will come to understand and embrace the fact that my brother's and sister's pain is my pain. That we, like Jesus, will allow our hearts to be broken open to a hurting world and in Jesus's name, respond with a healing touch. 

    With hope, 

    Rev. Harry Riggs

    Executive Minister of ABCCONN 

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