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Commission on the Ministry Documents

Dec 9, 2016 | Resources & Links

ABCCONN’s Commission on the Ministry is the group which works with individuals seeking ordination or recognition of an ordination by another denomination. The COM also deals with issues of credentials for clergypersons within the region.

Documents Related to the Commission on the Ministry

All CT In-Care participants are required to attend the Center for Career Development and the Ministry

30 Milton Street – Suite 107 Dedham, MA 02026 Rev. Maggie Lewis, Executive Director Telephone: 781-329-2100; Fax: 781-407-0955

E-mail:; Website:

Cost of 2-day Candidate for Ordination program is $1850. MMBB pays $1000. ABCCONN pays $425. We recommend that the local church pay $425. This leaves, travel, lodging and meals for the candidate to pay. (The Center may be able to provide a list of inexpensive places for lodging.)