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Becoming a Beloved Community

In my address to the participants and delegates at the ABCCONN Annual meeting held in September 2021, I invited ABCCONN to imagine a new paradigm of the regional ministry. I preposed that we who make up ABCCONN rethink our priorities by making the relationship with one another the priority.

Baptists have always held relationships as a critical component of our identity. We know this component as the

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Living a Life of Love.

…But the greatest of these is Love! The above is a quote taken from the first letter written to the church at Corinth. Paul reminds the church that it does not matter what you do if you do it with an empty and loveless heart. When our hearts are loveless, and our...

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New Year, New Opportunities

Many of you will remember Adoniram Judson, the Sainted Missionary of the ABCUSA (1788-1850). We often reflect on this man and his calling as a standard for our mission. But what else can the life of the good Reverend Adoniram teach us about living in the days of Covid? I believe we can all be motivated by the principles that Guided the Reverend Judson.

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Harry Riggs