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American Baptist Churches of Connecticut Historical Committee

About the ABCCONN Historical Committee

The ABCCONN Historical Committee is a group of volunteers who endeavor to tell the story of churches with ties to the American Baptist Churches of Connecticut (formerly the Connecticut Baptist Convention). They collect important items about all present Baptist churches in the state, and also about former ones as so many churches have a foundation in one or more other churches. The Committee then protects and organizes these artifacts in bookcases and file cabinets in its archives in Hartford.

The Committee continually seeks new members who are dedicated people with different skills interested in doing research, archival work, and telling the stories of American Baptists in Connecticut. In addition, at least one person at each church or affiliated organization should always be doing this work on a small scale, including communicating with ABCCONN about its leading church laypeople, pastors, and its important church events, and providing a copy of its church’s Annual Report.