Churches in Partnership, Sharing Resources, Inviting and Equipping Disciples

Core Mission Statement for The American Baptist Churches of Connecticut

The American Baptist Churches of Connecticut are a gathering of congregations called to invite and encourage people to become disciples of Jesus Christ and proclaim in all areas of life the saving love and truth of God. In the power of the Holy Spirit we carry out Christian ministries of service and support to one another and to an ever-changing world into which we are sent.

Core Purpose

The American Baptist Churches of Connecticut express their partnership in ministry by working together to:

  1. provide mutual support, encouragement, celebration, and opportunities to listen and learn;
  2. sustain the wider mission of the churches through the American Baptist Churches, U.S.A., and its world-wide engagements;
  3. plan and implement mission endeavors.

Mission Endeavors

The American Baptist Churches of Connecticut focus their mission in these areas:

  1. developing and equipping servant leaders among youth, adults, lay, and clergy for the local church and various ministries;
  2. inviting and encouraging people to become and grow as disciples of Jesus;
  3. providing specific assistance to churches at expressed points of need;
  4. building healthy and mission-oriented congregations and planting new churches;
  5. fostering faithful stewardship for local congregations, the Region’s ministry and the ABCUSA;
  6. encouraging the use and development of the facilities and programming associated with Camp Wightman;
  7. encouraging and supporting participation and partnerships among ecumenical and interfaith communities and other organizations.
Approved by the delegates of the American Baptist Churches of Connecticut in Annual Session on April 29, 2006.