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United Baptist Church, Warrenville Village, Ashford, CT

United Baptist Church of Ashford, 1779 and c.1793-present: This church resulted from the merger in 1985-89 of two ancient congregations, the Westford Second Ashford Baptist Church and the Warrenville Baptist Church, in the villages, respectively, of Westford and Warrenville in the town of Ashford, Connecticut.

Westford Second Ashford Baptist Church, 1779/1884-1980s: This church was organized in 1779 as the Second Ashford Baptist Church, then reorganized as the Westford Second Ashford Baptist Church in 1884, and after a dormant period revived and reorganized about 1962.

Warrenville Baptist Church, 1793/1848/1889-1980s: This church was organized about 1793 as the Third Baptist Church of Ashford. It became the South Central Ashford Baptist Church in 1848, and then by 1894 the Warrenville Baptist Church.