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A Message on Racial Justice

Jun 4, 2020 | Local Church Ministries

I am posting the following press release from the ABCUSA Office of the acting General Secretary Rev. Dr. Jeff C. Woods. I appreciate his heartfelt sentiment and his willingness to say something as it pertains to the current unrest that has been building for years and has come to a head with the death of George Floyd. I hope and pray that we will find new ways to love one another by actually pushing past our fears, social safety nets, and acts of social conformity. My hope and prayer are that we will come to understand and embrace the fact that my brother’s and sister’s pain is my pain. That we, like Jesus, will allow our hearts to be broken open to a hurting world and in Jesus’s name, respond with a healing touch.

With hope,
Rev. Harry Riggs
Executive Minister of ABCCONN

Becoming a Beloved Community

In my address to the participants and delegates at the ABCCONN Annual meeting held in September 2021, I invited ABCCONN to imagine a new paradigm of the regional ministry. I preposed that we who make up ABCCONN rethink our priorities by making the relationship with one another the priority.

Baptists have always held relationships as a critical component of our identity. We know this component as the