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One Great Hour Of Sharing

Dec 21, 2021 | Local Church Ministries

National Announcement

American Baptists Collect One Great Hour of Sharing Donations in Response to Recent Tornadoes

American Baptists hold in prayer Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee and Illinois, where at least 38 tornadoes recently caused significant damage and the tragic loss of lives. More than 70 deaths have been reported and persons are still missing.

“We are in communication with American Baptist regional leaders and partners,” says the Rev. Dr. Kadia Edwards, ABHMS’ national coordinator, Volunteer Mobilization & Disaster-response Ministries. “The loss of life and extent of damage tied to these tornadoes has been especially devastating during this Advent season. May we hold those who are experiencing loss in our prayers. We have heard from American Baptists who are ready to offer support, and we encourage the use of traditional channels of support.”
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